Heritage Landscapes

Heritage Landscapes are historically important sites that are not designed Gardens & Parks (but may occur within them). Generally as archaeologically important sites these landscapes contain information in the ground and must be managed with great sensitivity .These sites, having been undisturbed for years, are great reservoirs of biodiversity & it is important to work closely with ecologists to preserve and manage appropriately.

DCLA believe it is possible to make bold plans in order to capture the spirit of the site and help users / visitors to understand and enjoy them – National examples include Stonehenge, the under-grounding of the A3 – Devils Punch Bowl, and the Land Bridge that carries the Drive in to Scotney Castle over the Lamberhurst By-Pass (Dominic had peripheral experience of these projects whilst working at Land Use Consultants). Dominic has direct experience at Dover Castle where he oversaw the clearance of twelve acres of trees from the man-made defensive earthworks & demolition of buildings and structures that were obscuring the medieval castle.

DCLA worked with the National Trust to respond to the proposed HS2 – High Speed Rail that affects a number of their properties. In addition to Direct Impacts we looked at Landscape Strategies for wider context, e.g. adjacent to Hartwell House, Waddesdon Manor & Claydon House we proposed a ‘landscape vision’ for parts of the Vale of Aylesbury – to include involvement for County & local authorities.