Who We Are

Dominic Cole Landscape Architects will help you realise your project in a practical and pragmatic way. We rapidly assimilate what it is that you hope to achieve and help you develop the Brief that will do this.

For each project we prepare visual and written material that will enable you to communicate the project aspirations to stake holders and funders etc so that everyone understands what the project is about.

We are experienced designers used to tackling projects of all sizes and we tailor our advice to each new challenge. We will explain how much, or how little, input your project needs and will ensure you achieve good value. Through thinking discussing and planning your project with you we aim to give you a finished product that is even better than you may have hoped for.

Start Up

  • Review client brief.
  • Meet client to discuss aspirations, timescale budgets and how the brief can be developed.
  • Understand if other skills may be needed.
  • Understand if we are to lead or to be part of a larger team.

Visit the site

We will not embark on project work unless we have visited the site. The first site visit impressions gained and initial response to client is vital. This immediate analysis will be key to how the brief is shaped.

Develop Project Brief

We know that a robust brief becomes a touchstone and driver to a successful project. We will unpick the original client brief to understand what is at the heart of the project and what needs to be done to make it work. Through discussion with the client and as necessary, stakeholders we will rebuild the brief. This process may involve preparing initial site analysis diagrams; visual representation of designations (restrictions) and first sketch ideas of potential design responses. At this early stage the use of visual material helps clients realise what the landscape designer will bring to the table.

  • Landscape Design
  • Historic Parks and Gardens
  • Project Scope.
  • Prepare project Briefs
  • Site analysis
  • Site Master planning (the jigsaw)
  • Outline Budgets and project funding opportunities
  • Collaborate with other specialist skills
  • Detailed Design
  • Prepare Material for Planning Process
  • Prepare Material for Tender
  • Identify appropriate Contractors
  • Review Tender returns