Mount Edgcumbe: Cornwall

October 29th 2015

Mount Edgcumbe is a spectacular eighteenth century landscape garden surrounded by sea on a ten -minute ferry ride from Plymouth.

The Edgecumbe family associated with the ‘bright young things’ of the Twickenham set: Pope, (Kent) Walpole etc. when it was quite the done thing to use your estate to create an idyllic landscape for pleasure.

Mt Edgcumbe gives the ultimate in gasp-making views, terrifying but titillating topography and sheer spectacle

Dominic Cole as President of The Gardens Trust (formerly the GHS & AGT) accompanied by Chairman James Bartos introduced the site to the World Monuments Fund Britain. The GHS has had a long association with Mount Edgumbe, writing their first conservation plan in the 1980’s.